From the Representative Director

The world once saw the era in which most of the computers operated individually.
When you consider the over 50 years of computer history, it is not so long ago.
Merely 10 years ago, computers were used literally as a calculator and nothing more.
In those days there was only one purpose to connect computers through network ?
that is to send calculation results to other computers or to display monitors located somewhere else.

I believe there were few engineers who recognized the value and the need of Emails using computers at the time.
Even much later, many people still regarded E-mails, let alone the internet service, as no value.
I remember the time when I faced an IT department director from some company who contended, “We do not need such thing as an Email service!”

Today nobody doubts that the computers and network are our new communication media which connects one person with another and a piece of knowledge with another piece.

Some people argue that the development of computer and network or a simple advancement of technology have enabled us to do “what we could not do in the past.”
I think differently.

I believe many new and innovative services and technologies we see today related to the internet are not something “we could not do” but, rather, something that “were not even given a consideration for its possibility” or that “we did not know if they will be useful.”
I do not doubt that YouTube or Facebook or Twitter could have existed much earlier, technically.
In other words, these services were able to exist but instead were not “recognized” for its value.

I believe this view holds not only with technologies but also with new forms of business, cultures and everything else.
I wish to build a company which creates new “values” with visions that nobody had before.

Tomiyasu Ohde