1. Video contents solution
    We provide solutions for wide-ranged video contents businesses from broadband related
    services such as internet video, IPTV and VOD to mobile device related services such as
    those for cellular phones.

    • Integrated consulting service from market research on video contents services to business planning
    • Technology planning, system requisites specification, technological support and development support
    • System development and project management
    • Operation system development and operational support
    ▽ Past projects
    ● Internet video service research, planning and system design support
      (broadcasting station)
    ● Support in IPTV research report and demonstrative evaluation
      (Communications business company)
    ● Video market research and video service planning
      (Product maker) etc.
  2. Network solutions
    Our extensive support covers consulting, development and operation for in-house network,
    such as cloud-computing services through the internet and mobile network, as well as
    system infrastructure.

    • Market research and comparative evaluation of different technologies
    • Consulting service starting from new service planning through commercialization
    • Service plan proposal, system requisites specification, technological support, development support
    • System development and project management
    • Operation system development and operational support
    ▽ Past projects
    ● Development, operation and management of network and audio service
     in stores and offices
    ● Support in re-building of network infrastructure
    ● Development of Unified Communication
    ● Various development support for newly employed services
      (Fast food chain restaurant)
  3. Consulting and technological support for public services
    We offer strategic service planning for municipalities and public bodies,
    as well as various forms of related consulting service, system development
    support and service delivery.

    • Consulting service on public IT solutions
    • Various types of research, policy related project planning, project management
    • System integration and development
    • Operational support
    ▽ Past projects
    ● Social service development for students
      (National high school)
    ● Development of internal WEB analytic tool for an academic organization
      (National university)
  4. Video contents business
    We own more than 2700 titles of American movies ranging from the 1910s to the 1990s as well as
    approximately one million hours of film footage (i.e. documentary and news films). We
    have a master license for these video contents under our Blanket Use Agreement which
    enables us to provide various services using them.

    • Supplying the license for owned video contents
    • Planning and development of contents related services
    • Service delivery support and service delivery on commission etc.
    ▽ Past projects
    ● Providing materials for mobile phone video contents service
      (contents provider)
    ● Providing video materials for karaoke service
      (service business)