About Us

Company Info

Name DEP Inc.
Main office A-11, Stork Shinjuku 1F, 6-12-7 Nishi-shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0023
Founded 2005/08/24
Starting capital 45,000,000yen
Representative Director Tomiyasu Ohde
Director Yukiko Saiki
Service overview
  1. System planning and development
  2. System sales
  3. IT consulting
  4. Communications business
  5. Copy right management and operation
  6. Processing of copy righted products and digitalized software development and sales
  7. Digital contents development investment
  8. Other related services

Representative Director Profile

Name Tomiyasu Ohde
Birthday 1964/02/28
Mobile Phone 090-7587-9059
E-mail tohde@digital-emergence.co.jp
Academic background Bachelor’s degree in engineering
  • 1988
    Graduated from Information Mathematical Science Engineering Department, Electro Communications Faculty of the University of Electro-Communications
  • 1988 IBM Japan
    After providing development support for TCP/IP and SNA network related products as well as being involved in system integrations as a network engineer, took part in network systems development projects

    Developed systems:
    – Still image processing system development for insurance policies for insurance company
    – POS system development for gas stations for oil company (in charge of communications part)
    – Broadcasting system development and homepage creation for terrestrial broadcasting station

  • 1996 Cisco Systems Japan (Currently: Cisco Systems Inc.)
    Handled technological research for multicasting and IP broadcasting, development and technological support for communications business providers and makers. Projects include those for communications carriers and home appliance makers.

    Specialized areas of technology:
    – VoIP, L2TP, MPLS, IPSec, QOS, IP multicast

  • 2002 Softbank Broadmedia Corporation
  • 2003 BB Cable Corporation, Director, General Manager
    Led the system development project as a general manager for broadcasting business after the amendment of the Broadcasting Laws. BB Cable Corporation became the first legal broadcasting company registered under the new Laws as a result. At the time when the announcement was made, the company’s system was regarded as the world first practical IP broadcasting system.
  • November 2004
    Researcher at Meio University and contract worker for Cisco Systems
  • September 2005
    Found Digital Emergence Inc. and serve as Representative Director
  • November 2006
    Transfer of business from Digital Emergence Inc. to DEP Inc. and serve as Representative Director of DEP Inc.
  • Main Areas of Work  
    ◇ Video Over IP consulting:

    Research on latest technology trends and business planning regarding internet or IP video services

    ◇ Video systems development support:

    Solutions development, design and project management related to video systems (IPTV, VOD, video conference, internet video)

    ◇ Video systems development support:

    Solutions development, design and project management related to video systems (IPTV, VOD, video conference, internet video)

    ◇ Unified Communication and VoIP consulting:

    Planning, proposal and integration support for business-use audio solutions like FMC and UC

    1997   Software Design ’97 – June issue (Gijyutsu Hyoronsya)

        “What IP multicasting brings ? Ultimate internet multimedia”

    1999   Windows NT for Complete Beginners (Gijyutsu Hyoronsya)

    2001   Latest Internet Protocol Handbook (Asahi Shinbunsya)

    2003   New Faces of Communications – Broadcasting Integration Business

    2007   Monthly New Media – March issue “H.264 Codec and Image Quality” (New Media Inc.)

    *Co-authored works included